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Adjoa Burrowes...

The angst of contemporary life and cultural identity are often themes in my hand-pulled prints...

Burrowes earned a B.F.A. in printmaking from Howard University and an M.A. in Art Education at Corcoran College of Arts and Design at The George Washington University. Burrowes has studied with contemporary artists in Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has presented her work in the Virgin Islands, Mexico, the Netherlands and France. Burrowes has designed and implemented art workshops and residencies for cultural institutions throughout the nation including the John F. Kennedy Center,

National Museum of Women in the Arts and the National Civil Rights Museum. Her mixed media collages, prints, and sculptural installations have been exhibited throughout the U.S. Her works on paper are included in collections at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center; Brooklyn Art Library; Banneker Douglass Museum of Culture and History, The Southside Community Art Center; Art Colle Museum of Collage in Plemet, France, and the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium.

Contemporary Artist

My studio is my sanctuary where my creative ideas can percolate, unfold and take root. In this space of energy and possibility, I create abstract works on paper that push the boundaries of printmaking, sculpture, and painting. My explorations in cardboard are fueled by the material’s association with the poor and disenfranchised, as well as its link to rampant consumerism in society. The angst of contemporary life and cultural identity are often themes in my hand-pulled prints. It is my hope that my painted sculptures will challenge us to envision a new society and world that is both equitable and just.



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