Artist Statement


In my art practice, I navigate between printmaking, sculpture, and painting, depending on the materials explored and the message I want to convey. Printmaking has held my attention for decades, beginning with my etchings and lithographs to currently my monotypes utilizing reclaimed materials and cut-out stencils. Working intuitively I search for images or forms to emerge from the colors, organic shapes, and lines. 

Many of my paper sculptures are torn, folded, peeled, or cut from reclaimed cardboard and consumer packaging. Either wall hung or mounted on the floor, these ordinary objects take on a new meaning when transformed, that address issues of reconstruction, consumerism, and mass consumption. My recent painted sculptures were created as abstract towers of hope, endowed with vibrant colors and patterns.  

Other themes include personal and cultural identity and visual narratives relating to the angst of contemporary life, in an increasingly dangerous social and political landscape. My latest hand pulled prints reflect the tension of the times including the pandemic, and racial injustice. My work continues to grow and evolve. I continue to search for ways to push my paper sculpture and the medium of printmaking to embrace 3D forms. 

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